The Top 5 Best Supplements For Building Muscle #1 Is Essential..

These are the 5 best supplements for building muscle fast.

The US supplement industry is expected to reach a total annual sales value of $56.7 billion US by the year 2024.

There are many types of supplements on the market that can help you build muscle and lean out, but not all these supplements are made equally.

Some supplements, like creatine, have hundreds of studies to back their effectiveness while other products rely solely on marketing hype. 

If you’re a beginner lifter, it can be difficult to know which supplements are worth your money and which ones aren’t.

Even if you’re an intermediate level lifter, you may be wondering which supplements can take your workouts to the next level.

We’ve taken a look at the research behind all of the most popular supplements on the market.

We narrowed down our choice of the best supplements for muscle-building to the following five.

5 Best Supplements For Building Muscle

There may be other types of supplements that are worth trying, but if you can only afford five.

These are the 5 best supplements for building muscle:

  1. Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids
  2. Whey Protein
  3. Creatine
  4. Pre Workout
  5. BCAAs

#1 Crazy Bulk - Best Supplements For Building Muscle Fast

Many guys start thinking about using anabolic steroids when they get frustrated with their results in the weight room.

Crazy Bulk is one of the best supplements for building muscle I’ve ever used.

Often this frustration onsets when they hit a plateau within their first two years of lifting.

However, we strongly recommend that you think twice before taking steroids.

Many of the performance-enhancing drugs on the market can have harmful long-term effects on your body.

Luckily, there’s an alternative option that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your health for gains in the weight room.

CrazyBulk’s legal steroid stack is a line of supplements designed to replicate the effects of anabolic steroids without any of the harmful side-effects.

When you take anabolic steroids, you inject a synthetic form of testosterone into your body, which suppresses your body’s natural production of this essential hormone.

When you stop taking the steroids, your testosterone production often remains suppressed and you develop side effects like man boobs and hair loss.

Legal steroids work by supporting your body’s natural production of testosterone using a blend of herbs and nutrients.

CrazyBulk has an entire series of legal steroids designed to replicate the effects on the most common anabolic steroids.

Here are some of the supplements they offer, with the name of the steroid they’re mimicking in brackets.

  • D-Bal (Dianabol)
  • Trenorol (Trenbolone)
  • Testo-Max (Sistanon)
  • HGH-X2 (Human growth hormone)
  • Anadrole (Androl)
  • Decaduro (Deca-durabolin)

If you decide to take only one of CrazyBulk’s supplements, we recommend D-Bal.

D-Bal give s you a nice balance of muscle building and strength gain that rivals the illegal steroid Dianabol.

How to Take CrazyBulk’s Legal Steroids

You can follow the specific instructions on the package of the steroid you’re taking.

Most of CrazyBulk’s legal steroids should be cycled off roughly every two months.

#2 Whey Protein

Whey powder is definitely one of the best supplements for muscle gain you can buy.

Almost anybody who’s ever stepped into a gym has tried it at least once.

Whey powder is a highly bioavailable and convenient form of protein that’s easy to throw in your bag before heading to the weight room.

You probably already know how important protein is for building muscle, so we won’t go into detail.

However, the following are some of the specific ways that you benefit from taking whey powder.

  • Promote muscle growth more than by taking soy or casein protein
  • Lose fat
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Decrease your hunger
  • Help lower your blood pressure

How to Take Whey Powder

You can take whey powder any time you need a protein boost, but one of the best times to take it is directly after your workout.

#3 Creatine


Creatine is one of the most effective supplements for building muscle and most widely studied muscle-building supplements on the market.

Studies have consistently found that creatine is safe and efficient.

Your body can burn several kinds of molecules for fuel depending on the type of exercise.

For quick bursts of energy that last less than about 10 seconds, your body prefers to use a molecule stored in your muscles called phosphocreatine.

When you take a creatine supplement, you saturate the amount of phosphocreatine your muscles can store.

This allows your muscles to work longer without having to switch to a less efficient energy system.

Here are some of the specific benefits of taking creatine.

  • It helps you build muscle
  • It helps you get stronger
  • It increases your work capacity in the weight room
  • It raises muscle-building hormones such as IGF-1

How to Take Creatine

 Take about 5g of creatine per day at any time.

If you want to feel the effects quicker, you can include a loading phase for about a week where you take 20g per day.

#4 Pre Workout

Best Pre Workout

A good pre workout is essential for building muscle.

If you go to the gym feeling burnt out from work and already exhausted, there’s no way you’re going to be able to get in a quality workout.

Taking a pre-workout helps get your body into muscle-building mode.

Common ingredients you’ll find in pre-workout supplements include BCAAs, caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, and energy stimulating vitamins and minerals.

Every pre-workout supplement uses a different blend of ingredients.

Finding a brand that works for you might be a matter of trial and error.

If you find a certain pre-workout supplement is making you jittery, you might want to try switching it up.

If you’re particularly caffeine sensitive, you might want to go with a low caffeine variety.

How to Take BCAAs

Pre-workout formulas vary widely between brands, so it’s best to follow the instruction on the package.

Usually, they’ll recommend taking it within an hour of your workout. A pre workout is one of the best supplements for building muscle.

#5 BCAAs


BCAAs are one of the best supplements for building muscle you can buy.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are one of the most common supplements you’ll see people taking at the gym.

BCAAs are a great supplement to add to your stack because they help your body recover and decrease muscle soreness.

BCAAs are a combination of the three essential amino acids isoleucine, leucine, and valine.

Your body can’t make these amino acids, so you need to get them through your diet.

Leucine is especially important for telling your body to build new proteins, which is why most BCAAs have a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to the other amino acids.

As you progress further through your lifting career, proper recovery becomes more important if you want to continue making gains.

If you want to maximize your recovery and build more muscle, you’ll want to add a BCAA supplement to your stack.

Here are some of the advantages of taking a BCAA supplement:

 How to Take BCAAs

 The best time to take BCAAs is either directly before your workout or directly after.

If you have a particularly long workout that lasts more than two hours, you might want to sip on BCAAs during your workout to reduce muscle damage.

It’s a good idea to take at least 91mg of BCAAs per pound of body weight.

For example, a 200lb person should take at least 18.2g daily.

So those are the top 5 best supplements for building muscle to help you make gains fast!


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